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Cat Care

Do you have cats that need visits while you are on vacation?


Do your cats require scheduled feedings or special food needs?

Do your cats require medication administration?

Did your cat have surgery or has other special needs that requires more frequent attention?

 Our professional and personalized cat care visits are just what you need!  Each visit can be scheduled as long as you would like and as often as you need!

Cat Care service offerings include the following:

  • Our professional and personalized cat care visits will follow your specific care instructions and maintain your cats regular routines and desires. We will perform all your requested tasks in the time duration which was agreed upon. Cat care and also any home related tasks.

  • All the love, snuggling, petting, playing, brushing and any special attention your kitty needs!

  • Meals, fresh water and treats

  • Playtime

  • Brushing sessions

  • Medication administration

  • Litterbox Cleaning

  • Cleaning / tidying up of cats areas

  • Home-related care, such as collecting newspapers, mail and packages, watering your indoor/outdoor plants and gardens, alternating lights and blinds, putting out trash/bringing up bins, caring for your outdoor wildlife (squirrels / birds).

  • Any other reasonable pet or home care requests—we personalize every visit to accommodate you and your cats needs!








 SUPER - 60 MIN.


Cat care visits are generally 30 minutes in duration but we are undoubtedly flexible to offer you the durations which you feel best meet your specific cat care needs. 

$10/visit Holiday fee applies for major holidays

Our minimum recommended standard of daily care requires 1 visit for cats per 24 hours. We’re happy to discuss a plan that works for both your vacation and your budget!

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