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Hiking Excursions


Hiking Excursions offer longer, more physically demanding exercise and socialization for dogs who need or want it along the trails of close by Regional and State Parks.


I am an avid hiker and regularly hike with my dog, Myah, at Afton State Park, the Lake Elmo Park Reserve, St Croix Bluffs Regional Park and Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park. I am open to hiking at any park within my Service Area denoted on the website. The hikes are personalized to your pups needs and I am flexible on the duration and corresponding rates.

Unlike neighborhood individual dog walks, hiking will provide more exercise and stimulation.  Basic training and leash manners will be positively reinforced, teaching them skills for staying calm and controlled in more open trail environments.  The intensity level of the hikes will be discussed with you and personalized to your pups stamina and energy level.

Hiking Includes:

  • Pick up/Drop off within Service Area.

  • General duration of the hike will be approximately 90 minutes - the durations can undoubtedly be negotiable.

  • Total time away from your home will vary depending on your location and the travel time to/from the park.

  • Socialization with other dogs - ONLY if your dog is social.

  • Positive reinforcement training along the trails.

  • Physically and mentally stimulating exercise and adventure time.

  • Towel wipe down and paw cleaning as necessary.

  • Treats, which you may provide.

90 min. hike




*Transportation fee is negotiable and reasonably determined based on your proximity to park.

Hiking Requirements:

  • A meet/greet and behavioral consultation session prior to hiking services

  • Current Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella vaccines

  • Regular, ongoing flea and tick care preventative

  • Basic leash manners and socialization skills

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