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You've got Questions? We've got Answers!

I would like to sign up for services, how do we start?

The first step after an initial phone conversation is to schedule a complimentary “meet and greet” consultation meeting. We tailor our services to fit the specific needs of your household, thus, the initial meet and greet is a chance to get to know each other better. We will familiarize ourselves with you and your pets, their routines, your home, and will go over all the essential details and expectations for our very personalized care. Our top priority is the health, safety and happiness of pets in our care, thus we want to ensure we form a strong bond from the very beginning. The meet and greet session will last approximately 45 minutes.

Are you Insured & Bonded?

Yes! Christine’s Professional Pet Care is covered by a commercial bonding and liability insurance policy ($1M, each occurrence; $2M, general  aggregate) offered through Pet Sitters International—the pet sitting industry’s number one trade organization. We are happy to show you a copy of our policy upon request at the meet and greet consultation session.

How will you gain access to my home?  How safe are my keys or garage code?

You will provide a key and/or garage code at your meet and greet initial session.  Keys would be kept locked in a filing cabinet in our business office or securely kept with us when traveling to/from your home.  Garage codes are kept in complete confidence and not stored with your contact information on our mobile phones, etc.  We would retain your key as long as you are a client with us.  If you were to move or change service, we can mail your key or there would be a $10 fee to personally return a key to your location.

Do you have client references?

Yes, we have many very happy clients!  Please review our testimonials on our website, our Cottage Grove and Woodbury Google Business Listings and on Facebook.  We can also provide you with the opportunity to speak with one of our clients if that is your preference.

How do I make a payment?

You will be provided with an invoice via email or hard copy. You can pay us with cash or check. In addition, we offer electronic payment options through PayPal and Venmo.

What are the payment terms?

For regular and recurring dog walking/hiking clients, flexibility can be made for weekly, bi-weekly or end of month payments. For vacationing clients, payment is required prior to or as of the first pet visit. A $25 per month fee will be charged for any overdue payments based on our agreed upon terms.

Is there sales tax?

Yes, by MN law, sales tax is required to be charged for services rendered.  Your specific rate depends on where you reside.  For example, in Washington County the rate is 7.125%.  Your invoice and billing will include the sales tax.

Do you accept gratuities? 

Yes, we most certainly do!  Tips are always appreciated but never required.

Are there any extra fees for services on Holidays?

Yes, there is an additional $10/fee for pet care services on the following Holidays:  New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve.

What if I am on the outside border of your Service Area?

We will definitely try to accommodate your needs.  There may be a $5 additional fee for service, plus mileage fee, if appropriate.

I have a last minute request for service – can you provide short notice or same day services?

While we cannot 100% guarantee that you could book service for the same day it is requested, we will do our very best to accommodate your requests.  You can contact us via phone, email or text to request your service scheduling.

I had a change of plans and need to cancel a service or I return home early from a vacation – what is your policy?

We realize schedules are constantly changing!  We want to be as flexible as possible to accommodate for changing schedules and needs.  There will be no fee charged for a cancellation of Dog Walking or Hiking if we have not yet left for your visit.  If we are in transit to your home or have already arrived at your home, you would be charged for your service. For vacationing clients, please provide sufficient notice if your trip is cancelled as we are reserving these dates/times for your visits. If you were to return home early from a vacation, we can credit you for the unused pet visits for a future trip.

Do you administer medications or supplements?

Yes we do!  We can administer medication (pills, drops, supplements) with no charge to you at our service visits. While we do not charge extra for medications, insulin or Sub-Q fluids, the administration should be discussed in detail at the initial complimentary meet and greet or at a re-meet session (if you already are a current client and this is a new condition for your pet) for your specific instructions as to how to administer the meds or fluids.  A re-meet session incurs a nominal fee of $22/30 minutes.  Lastly, please note that we cannot administer medication to any animal that poses a danger to our safety.   For example, a pet which becomes overly hostile or aggressive during the administration process. Thanks for your understanding!

What happens if my pet becomes ill or injured while I am away?

If your pet becomes ill or injured in our care, we will assess your pet’s condition, contact you, and work with you (or your emergency contacts) to create an immediate action plan. If you/they are unavailable, we will refer to the Veterinary Care Authorization form you completed for us. We will always contact your preferred vet(s) first. If it is after hours or they are unavailable, we will default to veterinarians we have strong relationships with or will seek emergency clinic care in your area. You can be well assured that your pet would be cared for in an immediate and urgent manner, as we would care for our very own pets.

Are services ever affected by inclement weather?

Weather can sometimes be brutal in MN!  We will always carry on with dog walks and hikes with reasonable weather conditions and temperatures.  Often times, this is also based on your individual dogs preferences for walking in inclement weather.  This information would be obtained and agreed upon in the initial meet and greet session.  All that said, if temperatures are dangerously frigid cold or there is heavy downpour accompanied with thunder/lightening, etc, we would do a quick potty break and playtime as opposed to walking for an extended period outdoors.  If the weather is very poor and you feel that a service needs to be cancelled, please let us know prior to your scheduled session.  If we are on the way to your service visit or already have arrived, you will be charged for the service as previously noted in the cancellation policy above.

Do you provide any ancillary services in addition to the pet sitting, dog walking, hiking and boarding?

Yes we do!  Please see our Additional Services tab on this website!

What if I have an “outside the norm” request?

We are open-minded, flexible and we strive to accommodate our client’s individual needs.  Feel free to ask any questions or request any special services and we will do our very best to fulfill your needs!  We want to provide you with as much peace of mind as possible when you are away from your pets and your home!

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